Birth registration overdue for people born abroad and have citizenship Vietnam

Birth registration overdue for people born abroad and have citizenship Vietnam

Birth registration is the process of recording a child’s birth with the government. It is an important legal step that establishes the child’s identity and citizenship. In Vietnam, birth registration is mandatory for all children, regardless of where they are born.

However, some Vietnamese citizens born abroad may have their birth registration overdue. This can be due to a number of factors, such as:

  • The parents may have been unaware of the birth registration requirement.
  • The parents may have had difficulty accessing the necessary documentation or services.
  • The parents may have been living in a country with a complex or bureaucratic birth registration process.

Regardless of the reason, it is important for Vietnamese citizens born abroad to have their birth registered as soon as possible. Birth registration is required for a number of essential services, such as:

  • Obtaining a Vietnamese passport or visa
  • Enrolling in school in Vietnam
  • Applying for a job in Vietnam
  • Owning property in Vietnam

Vietnamese citizens born abroad can register their birth at the consular department of the Vietnamese embassy or consulate in the country where they live. The required documentation may vary depending on the country, but typically includes the following:

  • A completed birth registration application form
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate from the country where they were born
  • Copies of the parents’ passports or other valid identification documents

In some cases, the consular officer may also request additional documentation, such as a letter from a hospital or other medical professional confirming the birth.

Once the application is complete, the consular officer will review it and issue a Vietnamese birth certificate if all of the requirements are met. The birth certificate will be issued in Vietnamese and English, and it will be legally valid in Vietnam.

If you are a Vietnamese citizen born abroad and your birth registration is overdue, I encourage you to contact the Vietnamese embassy or consulate in your country to learn more about the process and requirements.



The order of execution ​ ​ ​ ​

​Name step Description step
​1. ​​Submit Filing at the consular department of theVietnam representative offices abroad.
​2. To receive dossiers,consider and resolve Consular officers examineevaluate the dossiersFilled profile casesinvalid,consular officers receive dossiers for settlement; profile cases of missing or invalid, the consular officer guidance for applicantsremake.
In the case of birth of a child out of wedlockifat the time of birth registration unclaimedchildren, the combined settlement of adoptionand birth registration.
3. Returns results Get results in consular department of theVietnam representative offices abroad(See the list of Vietnam representative officesabroad in the electronic information pagesbelow for information about the address,schedule for filing and receiving the results).



Ingredients Profile ​ ​ ​

Ingredients Profile
​1. The declaration (form TP / HT2012TKKS.2).
​2. Birth Certificate issued by the health department where children born to grant or written confirmation of the witness in the case ofchildren born outside of health facilitieswritten undertakings aboutthe actual birth in the absence of witnesses.
​3. A copy of the marriage certificate of the parents of children (if anymarriage registrationand the original for comparison (in case ofsending documents by mail shall submit a certified copy).
​4. Copy of passport or valid substitute papers of parents of children(produce the original for comparison)or a certified copyIn cases where parents do not have passports Vietnam must submit a copy of proof of citizenship Vietnamtogether with the original for comparison (in the case of sending the mail records shall submit acopy authentication).
​5. The written authorization duly authenticated in case the request to register the birth authorize others to do the procedure.
If an authorized person as grandparents, parents, children, spouses,siblings of a person authorized in writing shall not be authorized butmust have proof of the relationship above .
​6. Copy of passport or valid substitute papers of the person authorized to make birth registration procedures (produce the original for comparison) or certified true copy (in case of sending documentsrelated post, a certified copy).
Number of records One (01) item.
Form, declaration form ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Nameform, declaration form
Documents specified
Declaration forms for birth registrationTP.HT-2012-TKKS.2
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