how to get vietnam visa in mexico

How to get Vietnam Visa in Mexico in easy ways 2019?

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In contrast to the past, there are easier ways to get Vietnam Visa, especially to Mexican passport holders. You will find in this articles How to get Vietnam Visa in Mexico in easy ways.

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Vietnam Visa on Arrival or Visa Approval Code?

Vietnam visa requirement for Mexican

Are you a Mexican? Are you on a trip in Mexico and Vietnam is your next destination? You need a visa to enter Vietnam. Thanks to being one of safest countries all over the world, Vietnam is day by day becoming a famous place to visit and work. So How to get Vietnam Visa in Mexico?

Do the Mexican need a Vietnam Visa?

Before knowing How to get Vietnam visa in Mexico, you have to know whether you need a Vietnam visa or not.

According to List of countries exempt from the visa to enter Vietnam, Mexico is not in list so Mexico citizens need to apply for a visa if they want to go for a trip or for business. In case you are not Mexican but live in Mexico, you can take a look at this table below to know whether your nationality is in the list or not.

List of countries exempt from the visa to enter Vietnam

Areas Countries Term of residence
Asia Singapore less than 30 days
Thailand less than 30 days
Malaysia less than 30 days
Indonesia less than 30 days
Laos less than 30 days
Philippines less than 21 days
Japan less than 15 days
South Korea less than 15 days
Cambodia less than 30 days
Brunei less than 14 days
Myanmar less than 14 days
European Sweden less than 15 days
Finland less than 15 days
Denmark less than 15 days
Germany less than 15 days
France less than 15 days
United Kingdom less than 15 days
Italy less than 15 days
Spain less than 15 days
Norway less than 15 days

You should check it carefully, unless you will lost time and money to obtain for a Vietnam Visa uselessly.

How to get Vietnam Visa in Mexico?

There are 2 way to get Vietnam Visa in Mexico, you should read all 2 ways to find a best way for you.

Vietnam visa on arrival

What is Vietnam Visa On Arrival? This is a new way to apply Visa, effective for people who live distant from the Vietnam Embassy and DON’T want to get unwanted troubles, such as losing the vital document (passport, money or documents) via communicating mail or traffic jam once visiting Vietnam Embassy,…
This is considered to be a shortest and quickest option so we powerfully suggest you booking tourist visa or business visa on-line, as a result of it’s several advantages:

– Process time: simply one to 2 working days in normal case. Four to eight operating hours in urgent case and up to half an hour for rush case.

– Needed Documents: No documents required

– You can apply for Vietnam Visa in any third country.

– When you apply online, you can also use extra services such as FAST TRACK, CAR PICK UP, BOOKING HOTEL,… to support you save time and acquire a lot of comforts in your trip. You can read Vietnam visa fee in Mexico to know detailed fee!

– How will it work?

  • A visa agent will help you to get a visa online Vietnam, and you just need to fill in the application form online and make a payment for service fee
  • An approval letter will be sent to you after working hours.
  • They shall automatically process approval letter and give the result back to your contact’s email on the bookings as processing time (working time). After having approval letter, please print it and show it at Vietnam International Airport in which you land, you will get your visa stamped there.

Apply for Visa at Vietnam Embassy – How to get Vietnam Visa in Mexico?

how to get vietnam visa in mexico

The traditional way is applying Vietnam Visa at Vietnam Embassy. To apply for a Vietnam visa directly at the Vietnam Embassy in Mexico, there are 4 steps you should do:

  • Visit the Embassy website, download and fill in the form.
  • Contact the Embassy (with the details provided above) to make an appointment.
  • Bring all required documents (see below).
  • After 5 working days, return to the Embassy to collect your visa.
  • Process time: depending on you and how fast you need your visa. In many different cases, time will not be the same so you should make a call to your agency or to Vietnam Embassy for detailed answer.

Documents Requirement

  • A completed visa application form
  • Your original passport
  • 2 passport-size photos (30mm width x 40mm height, in color, taken within the past six months and without wearing glasses)
  • Your flight booking
  • Proof of payment for visa fee (if you are using a courier service, or depositing the fee into the Embassy’s account at a bank)
  • Proof of accommodation for full stay

Vietnam Embassy in Mexico

Bring documents above and go to Vietnam Embassy in Mexico. Here is the address:

Vietnamese Embassy in Mexico

Address: Sierra Ventana No 255, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, , Del. Miguel Hidalgo, CP. 11000, Mexico

Phone: (52.55) 5540-1632

Fax: (52-55)-5540-1612 / (52-55)-5520-8689 (Consular)

Vietnam Embassy in Mexico is information of Embassy, it is provided for information and service purpose.

Before applying visa, there are something you should note:

– Your passport MUST has minimum 6 months validity and left pages.

ONLY visitors who travel BY AIR to Vietnam are applicable to use Visa on Arrival. 

We are here willing and pleased to assist you at our best, so if there is any problem, please contact us!

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