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Motorbike is likened as the best “companion” for riders which is decisive whether your trip is favorable or not. The qualified bikes are preferential for the safety on rugged routes and new lands, that’s why motorbike rental has become a hot-trend service in the young generation, particularly the professional backpackers. However, for those who might lack experience in hiring motorbikes, there are some unwanted risks that you should be aware of. With the hope to support travelers have the best trip, BM Travel Adventure has done our research on such matter. Below are some golden tips for you to rent a proper bike.

Motorbike Rental Experience
Motorbike Rental Experience

Choose the right motorbike

First and foremost, you must pick up an appropriate motorbike that fits the road and your physique. You can freely choose among manual motorbikes, scooters, clutch, and big displacement motorbikes, depending on the route. Get the obstacles that clients can face in choosing which means appropriate for their trips, BM Travel Adventure will analyze the pros and cons of each kind of transportation for your reference:



  • Comfortable feeling for backpackers due to hand utilization instead of feet
  • Suitable design and easy control for women
  • Spacious trunk, proper for backpacking because of bulk luggage carrying
  • Broad space for putting feet for dirt reduction


  • Only available with a flat road and even highway which are easy to run. Rough roads, passes, and steep ones are inappropriate
  • High maintenance expenses

Manual motorcycles:


  • Compact, easy to control
  • Low repair and maintenance cost
  • Low fuel consumption


  • Regular minor breakdown
  • Easy to get dirty, small trunk

Clutch and big displacement motorcycles


  • Low fuel consumption
  • Dedicated for backpacking, used for flat roads, smooth highways, and even rough, rugged and craggy pass roads.


  • The rental fee of the clutch or big displacement motorbikes is more expensive than scooters or manual motorcycles.

Choose the right motorbike rental unit

It is not hard to find motorbike rental units through online ads with the promise of low cost and high quality, yet eventually, turn out the trick. In reality, a large number of BM Travel Adventure customers have said that they received the bitter hoax when falling for these false advertisements and ended up with terrible motorbikes. If possible, you’d better consult with your friends or do research on travel pages for prestigious motorbike rental Vietnam units before renting the motorbikes.

Check the motorbike carefully before renting

It is crucial that you check the motorbike carefully before renting, especially if you rent it for traveling. The roads might be rough and not as easy to go as those within the cities. Therefore, if your vehicles are not of good quality, there is a high potential that you could experience mechanical malfunctions and several troubles on the way. You should check if your tires are too worn out; if the brakes are surely working and if the mirrors are available and in good function. For further examination, you could start the motorbikes and trying to run it out on the spot.

Don’t skip the rental procedures and thoroughly check the motorbike’s registration papers

Many people rush into renting motorbikes straight away and never pay attention to motorbikes’ documents and rental contracts. Usually, when you rent the motorbikes, the lenders won’t show you the original registration and insurance papers but only provide you the notarized versions of these documents. Thus, you should ask for the original documents to compare to avoid situations in which the lenders unintentionally transfer the wrong documents or intentionally provide you with vehicles of unclear origins. If the lenders refuse to show you the original documents or fail to prove the legal origins of the motorcycles, do not rent the vehicles.

Motorbike Rental in Vietnam – Rent a motorbike in Hanoi or anywhere around the country.

With the assistance of our services, you could easily have a safe and worry-free motorbike tour in Vietnam. Renowned as a leading motorbike rental company in Hanoi, BM Travel Adventure ensures to supply you with a wide range of motorcycles from 2 prestigious brands – Honda and Suzuki, including dirt bikes, adventure bikes, touring bikes and so on. We guarantee that our bikes are of the latest versions and well-maintained by our professional mechanics.

Having years of experience in the field, we make sure to provide you with the most professional motorbike rental services in Hanoi and anywhere around Vietnam on a budget. Moreover, if you choose to use our services, there is no need to worry about driving licenses and relevant documents such as motor original registration and insurance papers. All you need to do is contact us and give us details of your plan.

Another service alongside our motorbike rental service is our senior professional Vietnam motorbike tours, Vietnam dirt bike tours from North to South, bringing you to the most unspoiled and unique lands of Vietnam where you can immerse yourself into the ravishing beauty of natural landscapes, explore the exotic cultural values and regional specialties.

In order to meet the needs of each specific client, BM Travel Adventure has designed 2 types of tours, including guided motorbike tour and self-guided motorcycle tours with careful research on almost all on-road and off-road terrains running through to make sure the safety of customers as the top priority.

Besides, we are conscious that the tour time frame is also extremely essential, that’s why we release tours ranging from 1 to 21 days, which is flexible to your private schedule. Up to this point, on average, we have already held hundreds of motorbike tours each year. BM Travel Adventure believes that we will bring our beloved customers a unique and incredibly exciting experience of touring that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

BM Travel Adventure hopes that these experiences and tips that we put together in this post help you to find good motorbikes and have the best trips ever.

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