Vietnam visa requirements for Cuba citizens - Visa Vietnam en Cuba

Vietnam visa requirements for Cuba citizens – Visa Vietnam en Cuba

Vietnam Embassy

Cuba Passport Holders are required visa for entering Vietnam.

How to get Vietnam visa for Cuba citizens? – Solicita visa Vietnam en Cuba

Address of Vietnam Embassy in Cuba – Embajada de Vietnam en Cuba

Vietnam visa requirements for Cuba citizens

There’re 2 ways to get visa for entering Vietnam :

1/ Apply visa at Embassy of Vietnam in La Havana, Cubain person at location: 1802, 5ta. Avenide, Esquina A 18, Miramarm Playa. La Habana, Cuba

2/ Or if you don’t want to go to embassy location, you can apply online to get approval for getting visa on arrival Vietnam.

Does Cuba citizens need visa for entering Vietnam or not?

Vietnam visa requirements for Cuba citizens - Visa Vietnam en Cuba

Yes, citizens of Cuba need to obtain a valid visa for Vietnam for any kind of trip. Vietnam has its own unique visa policy in place that has laid down the immigration rules for all the visiting nations. As per this policy, only 17 nations around the world have been exempted from securing a Vietnam visa. Cuba, as if now, is not among the exempted nations and hence, the people here will have to get a visa even if their trip is for a couple of days.

Vietnam, although has great democratic bonds with Cuba and hence, there a few visa exemptions that Cuban citizens get to enjoy that are as follows:

1) All the citizens who have a Cuban diplomatic and official passport are given the privilege of a visa exemption. These citizens get a visa free stay of up to 90 days. Post the span of 90 days; they will need a valid visa.

2) The Cuban citizens who are spouses or children to Vietnamese citizens are also entitled to avail a visa exemption. You will need to submit all the relevant documents to establish your relationship status and post this, you can avail a maximum exemption of up to five years.

3) Vietnam Visa Policy also states that foreign-based Vietnamese citizens, in this case Cuba based, can also avail a visa exemption provided they present to the authorities all the documents establishing their citizenship status. Post this, they can avail an exemption of 5 years.

4) Another exemption has been given to the children who are below the age of 14 years. If these children share their passports with their parents, they do not need a separate visa. However, if the child has a separate passport then a separate visa will be required.

5) Another exemption has been granted to the travelers planning a trip to the popular Phu Quoc islands in Vietnam. If this is the destination then you get an exemption of a maximum duration of 30 days. If you want to stay on the island for more than 30 days or leave the island then you will need a valid visa.

Get yourself familiarized with all the exemption rules before forwarding your visa application. A Cuban citizen has two major ways of obtaining a visa – first is to approach an embassy and the second is to approach online agents like us to get a VOA.

Vietnam visa requirements for Cuba citizens - Visa Vietnam en Cuba

Embassy Visa

Cuba has its own Vietnam embassy. You need to submit an application form to the embassy for your visa and pay the necessary fees. You will also need to submit your original passport to the embassy at the time of application. The application if successful gets you a visa in the next 5 to 7 working days.

VOA (Vietnam Visa on Arrival)

Visa on arrivals are applicable only for air travel. The process is very quick and much more reasonable (within two business days). You get your visa once you arrive at the Vietnamese airport and hence it is the most convenient way of arranging for a visa for your trips to Vietnam.

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