Registration of death for Vietnam citizens die overseas in Vietnam representative agencies abroad


The order of execution ​ ​ ​ ​

​Name step
Description step
​1. Apply in person at the headquarters of themissions or by mail.
(See list of missions with consular functionsfor more detailed information about the address and time of filing and receiving results)
​2. Agency representatives review records, if anyunclear points need to verify the power of the State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs.
3. Get a direct result in their offices orrepresentatives by mail.


Ingredients Profile ​ ​ ​

Ingredients Profile
​1. Death Notice or paper instead of the death notice as prescribed by the competent authorities of foreign countries:
– Death Notice must specify the name and address of the deceased; hour, day, month and year of death; place of death and cause of death.
Authority to issue death notice:
a) As for the dead at a hospital or medical facility, the hospital director or person in charge of health facilities that the Death Notice;
b) For residents in one place, but died somewhere else, outside of health facilities, the commune authorities, where they killed the Death Notice;
c) With respect to the dead is served in the military, defense officials, military reservists during training focus or check the status of combat readiness, combat service and who are concentrated in charge military service by the military unit directly managed, then the head of that unit death notice.
d) For people died in prisons, detention centers, remand homes or in shelters, where the heads of the detention, the person holding the Death Notice
e) For those who die in the reformatory, educational institutions managed by the police, the heads of the agencies that issue the Death Notice;
e) For deaths due to the implementation of the death penalty, the chairman of the board-level implementation of the death sentence death notice.
g) In case a person is declared by a court to be dead, the court’s decision has legal force instead of death certificates;
h) Where the suspected death, the text to determine the cause of death or the police office of the district health authorities and above replace the Death Notice;
i) For persons who die on transport, the commander or transport controls to make records confirm the death, with the signatures of at least two of the vehicles traveling on it. The minutes confirmed the death notice to die for;
k) For people dead in the residence, the documents certifying the death of the witness instead of the death notice.
​2. Present their passport or identification document of registration of death riders.
Number of records One (01) item.
Form, declaration form ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Documents specified
Name form, declaration form
The declaration form re-registration of death Download
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